Little Guys by Cindy Pacileo - Cats, Dogs, Wildlife, Birds, Ornaments, collectible animal figurines

Little Guys Brighten Your Day

What turns an ordinary animal figurine into a Little Guy? Personality! Little Guys are happy, playful, sassy, and sometimes even a bit silly — perfect collectible buddies to perch on your computer or your windowsill. Little Guys will brighten your day!

So You Love Horses and Frogs?

And pigs? And turtles? And songbirds? And dog breeds? And cats, even though they love songbirds a little too much? Well I do too! I have fun every day creating little animal personalities and thinking of you—friends who will someday give each one a good home.

It's a Pig Thing

Look under Farm Animals to find a sweet pink pig eager to be your friend. Little Guys on Vacation (under the Sealife tab) include a pig in a bikini, a hula pig, a pig riding a surfboard, another pigging out on watermelon, and even a mermaid pig! A carefree flying pig ornament rounds out the Little Guys pigpen.

For Turtle Lovers

A friendly box turtle is the star of my Field & Pond Collection, while his buddy Tall Turtle gives him a “heads up.” A sea turtle can be found in Sealife and another wearing shades in Little Guys on Vacation, where it is obviously having fun. Look under Ornaments to find a Santa sea turtle to hang on your Christmas tree.

Do Songbirds Thrill You?

My Backyard Birds figurine collectibles include cardinal, eastern bluebird, ruby-throated hummingbird, great horned owl, white owl and loon. Each bird is also available as an ornament.

For Cat Lovers

I have tuxedo cats, tabby cats, black cats, calico cats, gray cats, black and white cats and ginger cats. I also offer a good variety of cat Christmas ornaments. A mermaid cat can be found in the middle of the Sealife page in Little Guys on Vacation.

Dog Breeds

If dogs tickle your fancy, you'll enjoy playing with my Beagle, Black Lab, Border Collie, Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Dachshund, Golden Retriever, Maltese, Pug, Scottie, Westie, Yellow Lab and Yorkie. Check under the Ornaments tab for dog ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Beach and Sea Animals

On the Sealife page, you can find a sea turtle, blue crab, lobster, dolphin, whale, flamingo, manatee, goldfish and even a mermaid. Little Guys on Vacation include turtles, pigs and cats at play by the sea. I also have Santa crab, Santa penguin and Santa sea turtle Christmas ornaments.

Farm Animals

For a real barnyard treat, go to my Farm Animal Collection to find a pig, chicken, cow, horse, a painted pony and a sweet little duck.

American Wild Animals

Check out the Field & Pond Collection to find a frog, box turtle, bunny rabbit, squirrel, mouse, fawn, fox, ladybug and a bee. There's a hedgehog hiding amongst them for an international touch. The Wildlife collection includes a black bear, moose and gray wolf.

Wildlife and Zoo Animals

In the Wildlife Collection, you can collect your own safari with an elephant, a giraffe, a tiger, a lion, a leopard, a zebra, a hippo, a penguin, a panda and a koala.

A Unicorn?

Yes, there's even a fanciful unicorn prancing about with the wildlife.

Snowmen and Santa Christmas Ornaments

Okay. These aren't animals, but they sparkle with the same personality I pour into my animal sculptures. Find these happy treasures with the Christmas ornaments.

Angel Christmas Ornaments

My three sweetly smiling angel ornaments—a blonde, a red head and a brunette—make perfect gifts for all the angels in your life. This year I added a red-haired angel selfie to celebrate my new granddaughter.

Christmas Ornaments

I have dog and cat ornaments, Santa Claus ornaments, snowman ornaments, mouse ornaments, penguin ornaments, reindeer ornaments, pig ornaments, owl ornaments, sea turtle ornaments, crab ornaments, cardinal ornaments and angel ornaments—enough to light up any Christmas tree with personality!

Story by Cindy Pacileo