Animals are about 1 ½ inches tall.

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Looking Out My Back Door

This collection showcases my back yard, which includes a small field where a neighbor pastures his beautiful Belgian horses and a bubbling little creek. Box turtles trundle through regularly. My daughter found a turtle's egg once and nurtured it for weeks until it hatched into a quarter-sized miracle.

Squirrels dart through the trees, frogs fill our spring evenings with song, and field mice abound. Honeybees once built a hive in my studio wall and ladybugs fill the air (and our windows) in some seasons.

In general I think of rabbits as sweet animals and love to watch them feeding in the early morning and evening. One young bunny proved not so sweet when he found his way into my fenced garden and row-by-row nibbled all my kale and sugar snap peas off at the ground. He hid himself in a clump of grass in the corner, sitting absolutely still with his ears held straight up as if they were just another pair of leftover winter weeds. After a week of frustration I found him and escorted him into the pasture. In his honor, I've created a bunny proudly holding a huge carrot that didn't come from my garden.

Last summer a curious brown rabbit and I watched each other with quiet interest as I passed through it's feeding area walking to and from my studio each day. It was nice to be trusted.

One doe brought her triplet fawns to scamper and graze in our pasture. We delighted in watching their antics.

And then there's the young fox who ate so many overripe and fermenting cherries under our tree that he staggered around and around its base in a drunken stupor.

A sweet little hedgehog found his way into my collection when an English friend described the hedgehog family that lived in her hedgerow.