Animals are about 1 ½ inches tall.

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An Elephant Story

I love visiting the zoo. I'd never get to know these exotic animals any other way. On one visit I played a half hour game of toss-the-hay with a playful elephant. Each time she tossed me a gather of hay, she lifted her trunk and seemed to laugh in delight. Then she looked me straight in the eye as she waited to see if I would toss it back. How could I refuse her invitation to play? I think she was glad to find a willing friend that day. My soft gray Elephant was created in her honor.

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

I've had many fun encounters at zoos and wildlife parks. I've met a long-tongued giraffe who licked the salt off my baby brothers outstretched arm (much to my mother's horror), a rag doll panda, op-art zebras on the move, a roaring lion, a huge Siberian tiger who followed my husband's electric scooter back and forth across the front of its pen, chattering penguins, and even a group of hippos playing keep-away. I have a friend who gets to work with Lemurs every day. Our local wildlife sanctuary on Grandfather Mountain is home to a family of gentle black bears.

I have yet to meet a moose or a unicorn in person, but I can always hope.