Animals are about 1 ½ inches tall.

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Little Guys Just Wanna Have Fun!

Little Guys Just Wanna Have Fun in the Summer Sun!

One hot summer day I wanted desperately to leap into a cool ocean wave. I couldn't just pick up and drive across the state, so I sent my little clay piggies, cats, frogs and turtles instead. The chicken just had to go, too. They came home wearing shades, hula skirts, mermaid tails or polka-dot bikinis. Can you imagine stretching a bikini over a wiggly pig belly? One little piggy found a watermelon and another took up painting. The frog settled in for an afternoon of hot sun and cool breezes.

I've made mermaid pigs and mermaid cats for years. I recently added a mermaid chicken, “Chicken of the Sea”.

Turtleneck is all snuggled up in his sweater against the evening chill.

My sister loves her 3 p.m. cup of coffee, so my yawning piggy holding her beloved coffee cup was created in her honor.

My three-year-old granddaughter loves dinosaurs. Her favorite T-Rex creeps slowly across the room looking casually from side to side as if he's not at all interested in me. Then, suddenly, he's on me with a ROAR! And a giggle! I just had to add a T-Rex and his faithful Apatosaurus companion, Stretch, for all the children and children at heart who love their dinosaurs. I’m working on a couple more dinos, so keep an eye out for more prehistoric fun.