Animals are about 1 ½ inches tall.

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Farm Animals Surround My Studio

Twice new foals have been born in our pasture. What fun to watch their first wobbly steps transform into playful prancing in just a few weeks.

When I walk to my mailbox, I often catch the eye of one of the gentle cows meandering through the field across the street. I wonder what they are thinking all day? Our neighbor’s donkey brays fiercely whenever a new car drives up their lane, but all this noise doesn’t seem to bother the wild turkey families that roam through our pasture.

If you love farm animals, you'll want to add my spotted chicken, proud rooster, strutting turkey, pink pig, gentle cow, sweet gray donkey, fluffy sheep, silly ram and bay horse to your collection.

Prancing Pigs

Ever since I visited my cousins' small pig farm in rural Alabama, I've been fascinated by how piglets seem to dance on their tip toes. My prancing pink Pig is just one of my flights of pig fancy. You can find a flying pig figurine, “When Pigs Fly”, with my ORNAMENTS. Basking on the FUN! page are mermaid pigs, piggies pigging out on watermelon, pigs in bikinis, artist pigs, hula pigs and even a pig enjoying her morning coffee. Whew! I'm all pigged out!