Holiday Ornaments

Animals are about 1 ½ inches tall.

All Little Guys can be made as ornaments by special order.

If you have questions, please call me at

Dog Christmas Ornaments

My Christmas has really gone to the dogs! My yellow lab ornaments have stolen most of my Santa hats and tangled themselves in the Christmas lights. The border collies have left a candy cane trail across the floor. Dog breed ornaments have been very popular, too. Choose a beagle, black lab, border collie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, corgi, dachshund, golden retriever, Labradoodle, Maltese, pug, yellow lab or Yorkie.

Cat Christmas Ornaments

We were able to wrestle back a few candy canes and Santa hats from the dogs so the kitties could have their fair share. The Christmas lights are beyond repair. All of my cat designs are available as ornaments — tabby cats, calico cats, tuxedos, ginger cats, black and whites, grays and solid black cats.

Snowmen Christmas Ornaments

Frosty, who usually wears a top hat or toboggan, got into the holiday action, too. He found a Santa hat and a candy cane. Our melting snowman is a hoot! We call him Slushy, but I overheard two fifty-something women refer to him as “Hot Flash” this fall. A mother with a toddler gave him a knowing look and said the dreadful word, “Meltdown.”

Angel Christmas Ornaments

Our adorable Angel ornaments have sweet smiles and an assortment of hair colors — blonde, brunette and red. They are perfect for your Christmas tree or as gifts for all the angels in your life.

Flying Pigs and Santa Penguins

The old saying, “When Pigs Fly,” has come to life in our little pink pig ornament, which is flying high with holiday spirit! My reindeer isn't far behind. The penguin and elephant each grabbed a Santa hat while the mouse chose a candy cane. Sea turtle took the holiday action to the beach.

Santa Claus Himself

Santa joined my collection in person. His jolly grin will delight you!

Gettin’ the Christmas Tree

Take my red pickup truck to your favorite cut-your-own tree farm and load it up with a beautiful live mountain pine.